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Grant Park Farmer’s Market

I'm totally spoiled...I can walk out my front door and be at the Grant Park Farmer's in 5 minutes flat. I can head out around 930 if I want a shot at the good stuff or sleep in and get there around 11 for a cold brew and doughnuts...or pizza...or Farmburger...or a...

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Nirvana Yoga in Grant Park

I love yoga, I truly do. I have been practicing for about a year now, after joining my wife for her weekly 430 class at Nirvana Yoga, and feel pretty comfortable with the moves I have learned so far. I recently started dropping in for the noon $5 class on Fridays when...

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Grant Park Gateway is Moving Forward

These pictures (bottom) show the current situation in Grant Park as the Gateway Project rolls on. 387 trees were cut down to make way for the new, 3-story parking deck...250+ of which were healthy, non-invasive trees. The deck will support 1000+ paid parking spaces...

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More Modern for Reynoldstown

Here's another one from Epic Development and it's going to be snazzy. I walked down Esten Street in Reynoldstown on this gorgeous afternoon and took a look at what was going on; what used to be a home with blue front it's just the steps. The modern duplex...

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Big Plans for Zoo Atlanta in Grant Park

As a Grant Park resident, I am truly excited about the future of Zoo Atlanta and what some really cool changes can bring to our wonderful neighborhood. A press release on December 29, 2014  announced some really big things in store for the zoo and it's grounds as...

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