I love yoga, I truly do. I have been practicing for about a year now, after joining my wife for her weekly 430 class at Nirvana Yoga, and feel pretty comfortable with the moves I have learned so far. I recently started dropping in for the noon $5 class on Fridays when I can…it’s good to take from a different teacher sometimes to break up the routine and try some different flows and moves. I have always been athletic and played every sport I could but yoga is a different animal. You work your mind and body together and focusing on your breathing while holding strong poses is a challenge unlike any other athletic experience I have had in the past. I give everything I have to each and every move and I think that’s what I really like about yoga…you can go in there and totally turn off everything else going on in your life and pour yourself into your practice. I work and breathe and sweat…buckets.

Yoga gives me the strength training I need on top of jogging…I struggle to drag myself to the gym. I just don’t see results in the gym although it does make me feel stronger. I am going to drag myself there today and I feel like one gym day a week plus one to two days of yoga plus 3 or so days of cardio will do the trick for me at 41 years old.

Grant Park has so many new shops and restaurants and businesses in general…it really is great to see. We can not forget about the originals, though, that fed us in so many ways before all of this growth. Keep patronizing the founding establishments as they adjust to new competition and also new growth, and check out Nirvana Yoga on Cherokee Avenue by Dakota Blue…it is a super cool studio with great teachers and something for everyone.

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