7One of, if not the best intown Atlanta festival of the year is looming large in the near future and I’m already getting excited. The 12th annual Cabbagetown Chomp & Stomp Chili and Bluegrass festival will overtake the streets of the tiny, eclectic neighborhood on Saturday November 1 from 8 am until 6 pm. I’ll wake up around 7 am and after a quick breakfast, I’ll walk the half mile or so from my Grant Park home to the starting line on Cabbagetown’s main drag of Carroll Street to run the Romp & Stomp 5K. I typically finish around the 23 minute mark and hope to do the same this year if not a little bit better. At the finish line, hard core Chompers will take down a Sweetwater to prepare their pallets for a day of chili overload provided by about 30 different restaurants. There will be over 100 individual applicants who enter their steaming concoctions into the chili contest, not to mention 20 or so other food vendors serving the 25,000 attendees on the streets all day long. If you know someone that lives in Cabbagetown, you are in luck because you’ll have a spot at which to relax and watch the madness roll by; you have to do some walking around though to sample the many different types of chili: there’s green, red, brown, hot, spicy, funky, chunky and anything else you can possibly imagine that must be sampled.

Folks will be doing some major ‘porching’ on this day of debauchery…it’s what these shotgun and bungalow style homes were built for…community…bringing people of all walks of life together to celebrate fall, the best time of year if you ask me. I mean what’s not to like…the weather is perfect, college football is heating up and you basically walk around all day eating chili and drinking beer until you simply can’t do it anymore. Then you can just head over to one of the music stages for a lie down as the sweet sounds of mountain music wash over you. I love seeing all kinds of friends coming together in this little pocket of funk they call Cabbagetown. It really does not get any better than this and I hope that if you have never attended, you’ll walk or bike yourself down and see what all the fuss is about.
There is very little inventory as far as Cabbagetown homes for sale, as those who live in Cabbagetown tend to stay for a long time and there’s not much room for growth here. Right now there are 4 homes on the market and 2 pending sale so you see what I mean. I have a new listing coming soon on one of the best streets though, so be on the lookout for that and call me if you or any of your friends are looking to purchase or sell a home. Rates are still holding in the low 4s and the Beltline is a short walk or bike ride from Cabbagetown along with the new Krog Street Market and Edgewood Avenue’s bustling nightlife. What can I say about intown Atlanta…there’s something for everyone and it’s an infectious lifestyle…I truly love it!