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Avondale Estates lies within Dekalb County; just a few miles away from Downtown Atlanta. The city is easily accessible from Avondale, with MARTA stations within walking distance and I-285 just a few blocks away. Being situated right off of College Ave. also affords Avondale residents easy access to other surrounding communities and attractions, like the East Lake Golf Club and Candler Park. Within Avondale Estates lies Avondale Lake and Avondale Park, along with a members club with tennis courts and a pool, all of which are even more available due to sidewalks being present throughout most of the neighborhood.

An array of architectural designs characterize Avondale Estates, with classic bungalows placed next to Traditional homes, all coming together to make the neighborhood a unique place to live. Upgrades and renovations to homes within Avondale Estates include new kitchen and bathroom appliances, along with a multitude of other upgrades. Some of the more sought after streets in Avondale are Dartmouth Ave., Wiltshire Dr. and Kensington Rd. The neighborhood also lies within the Avondale School District.